o/ Happy birthday, Crimson!!!

I drew you that one guy.

shadesofcrimson replied to your post “THANKS

Oooh you’re somewhere else right now? How neat and mysterious! When will you be getting back? I can wait till then to send it if that’s more convenient! (also wow… birthday things??? rip)

Yes, I’m in another country right now! I’ll be back on the 16th of August I think

THANKS AGAIN ORANGE also on the same note I have most of your super late (but super fab) present put together but I will be finishing it and getting it to you as soon as I can (rip forgive me orange for taking so long)

Oh gosh! Don’t worry about it Crimson!! :^))) I’m actually a little worried because I don’t think my dad is checking the mail hAHA You’ll be sending it closer to the time I’ll be coming back. Good…. I’m excited for the super fab

I’ll be sending you some birthday things a little late too since It’d be expensive if I sent it from where I’m at right now! also I don’t want it to take too long :u idk how the mail works here

My brother(theniceone) paid for another hour of internet for me. God bless

In one hour I

-watched a few videos

-wished Crimson a happy birthday (tbh the reason I came to internet in the first place eventhoughCrimson’sbirthdayistomorrow


-posted a thing

and stared at kvit’s draws

also wasted a lot of time trying to think of something to do.

sholace replied to your photo “I did a thing but only this little part looks nice enough to show.”

can i marry this. it’s so wonderful

doit Aha thank you so much! wOW

I did a thing but only this little part looks nice enough to show.

I did a thing but only this little part looks nice enough to show.

I paid almost a dollar for an hour of internet and I already spent thirty minutes of it watching funny videos. o/

Temporary internet. Amazing . … ..

See ya later, Orange! Have fun! ^^

o/ I’mso tired„, ,


Leaving Sunday morning and returning August 17th. o/

I didn’t draw anything worth scanning so expect nothing from me in that time since there is no/slow internet where I’m going



A galaxy of tatamis! I’m so happy I finally did this ahhhh, I like both versions so here they are~